Android for beginners #1: keep your contacts forever with Google!

Good morning, good evening or goodnight to all dear readers! Today we’re gonna talk about a problem found by many of my friends and relatives, or the loss of contacts after changing the phone.

Let’s start now!

So if you have an Android smartphone it is assumed you have a Google account. In case you did not, you can create it by clicking on the following link: create a Google account. Then you just go into the settings and log in with your newly created Google account.

Well, now you have to go to the contacts app of your device, create a new one and select the Google account on which you want to synchronize it.

Unfortunately, at least on MIUI, it is not possible to convert a contact from local to Google contact.

Well, my friends, I hope this short-guide will have served you. Obviously if you have arguments to propose to the column #ANDROIDFORBEGINNERS on which I can write articles, I wait for your comments!



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